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ParaZapper is an electronic device that can be easily shown to kill certain organisms in water and in other situations. For this reason, many individuals buy these devices to safely kill or eliminate various parasitic organisms. Since the ParaZapper is not marked for use on humans or animals, such use is considered to be "off-label usage". This use is considered to be experimental as the zapper has not been approved by the FDA or any other US agency for medical use. ParaZapper is and has been in use around the world for many years. There have been many testiminials published but since the ParaZapper is not FDA approved, we can not post those on our website due to FDA rules and regulations. We can however, tell you about how happy many of our customers are at ParaZapper review.

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If something as big as a man can be killed with a lot of electricity, then why would we not be able to kill a smaller parasite with a little electricity?

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